PCB Development

Generalised Inputs

  • Mechanical drawing preferred in pdf format
  • BOM preferred in excel format
  • Schematic in PDF or in Any tool
  • Special instruction for your PCB preferred in word document format



  • Preliminary CAD schematics OR Concept
  • Hand-drawn data


Bill of Material

  • List of all components used in the circuits  OR
  • We provide technical support for component selection as well as procurement


Mechenical Drawing (Optional)

  • Board mounting holes with their size
  • Position of fixed locations parts
  • Details for Height restriction if any


Specical Instrucation if any

  • No of Layers
  • Material
  • PCB Thickness
  • Copper thickness
  • Layout design rules if any specific
  • Placement rules if any specific
  • Any special grounding requirements
  • Any voltage isolation or creapge requirement
  • Any text item to appear on copper layer or in silk screen like, part no., assembly no., revision no., company name or logo